Oral disorders and discomforts: what can good bacteria do?

Among the main properties of lactic acid bacteria, there is the ability to bind to dental surfaces and to alter the environment of the mouth, as well as the ability to produce antimicrobial substances against oral pathogens and to reduce the inflammatory response. Lactic acid bacteria therefore offer a new approach to solving, and preventing, some conditions caused by infections of the oral cavity such as dental caries, periodontal disease and halitosis.

The “good bacteria” help us smile: what is good to know?

• Lactic acid bacteria are live microorganisms that are safe to consume and may have beneficial effects on the health.
• Integrating a balanced diet with lactic acid bacteria helps neutralize the acidity of the mouth, thus inhibiting the proliferation of the bacteria responsible for the onset of dental caries.

What can you expect when taking lactic acid bacteria for your dental health?

• Specific formulations in tablets have proven to improve periodontal status.
• Lactic acid bacteria inhibits the production of volatile sulfur compounds and may this improve the quality of life of people suffering from “bad breath” or halitosis